The Complete MSA Training Course
MSA Training for Professionals

The Law Offices of John J. Campbell, P.C.
is pleased to present

The Complete MSA Training Course 



This comprehensive course is designed for Medicare Set-Aside, Workers' Compensation, Personal Injury and Special Needs Attorneys, Life Care Planners, Structured Settlement Professionals and other Medicare Set-Aside Professionals wishing to gain a thorough working knowledge of Medicare Set-Aside practice and to qualify for the MSCC certification or for MSCC recertification.  

The Complete MSA Training Course is NOT AN INTERNET COURSE!

Instead, we present the course several times each year at various locations around the country.  We believe you learn better when you can interact with your instructors and other students in a dynamic learning environment; and you can make valuable contacts with other Medicare Set-Aside professionals that will last for years to come. 






Our expert instructors will cover the Basics of Medicare; Medicare Secondary Payer Laws and Requirements; Medicare Conditional Payments; Medicare Set-Aside Arrangements; Special Multiple-Benefit and Tax Issues in WC and TPL Settlements; Preparation of Effective MSA Allocations; Mandatory Insurance Reporting; Administration of Medicare Set-Asides and more.

The course includes personal instruction and PowerPoint presentations in an interactive learning environment, a take-home practicum, and a comprehensive 600-page book on flash drive that will provide in-depth explanation of the covered areas and a valuable set of reference materials for use in your every-day practice.  We are going green.  All materials will be on flash drive, so you will need to bring a laptop computer with an available USB port for the class.  Printed materials will not be available.  If you do not bring a working laptop with USB port, we cannot provide one for you and we will not refund your tuition or provide any credit toward future presentations of the course. 

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